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Wang & Söderström Table Of Contents A_2019

Table Of Contents is an ongoing project where Wang & Söderström collects and groups digital works from its growing archive of forms, to examine our relationship to objects and materials in virtual form.


Wang & Söderström is a Copenhagen-based trans- disciplinary art and design practice composed of Swedish designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström. The bridging of the physical and digital realms is a major theme in their practice, and they are constantly trying to challenge the boundaries between them. Navigating between art and design, Wang & Söderström wants to throw out pre-existing conventions regarding the digital and put emphasis on the emotional and tactile side of materials, objects and textures, to give the digital a more human-relatable quality and create more meaningful connections. The duo work aesthetically and exploratory, and across mediums to better understand which human values are important to take with us in the future.