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Filip Dujardin untitled from the series FICTIONS, 2007

The building as a volume in space with its own laws of proportion is the main focus in the work of Filip Dujardin. Creating architecture by means of the computer gave him the possibility to design in complete freedom and with no restricting constraints that a real architect is confronted with. The goal was to explore the sculptural quality of architecture to its maximum and create images that balance on the border of reality and irreality, without slipping into science fiction. To have a maximum effect on the viewer of these collages they had to be executed in a convincing photo- realistic way in order to achieve a confusing effect on the public.


Filip Dujardin is a Belgian photographer born in 1971 in Ghent, Belgium. He studied history of art at the University of Ghent, specialising in architecture, as well as photography at the Royal Academy of Ghent. Since 2007 he has been working as an independent photographer for private and public clients in the field of architecture, and publishes his work in exhibitions, national and international books and magazines.