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dWhen this photo was taken for a newspaper article in 2012, Danedream was celebrated like a true miracle. Her story was reminiscent of Seabiscuit; the story of an outsider that nobody wanted and nobody believed in. But then, out of nowhere, the small, unremarkable mare won the most important gallop races worldwide and became the fastest racehorse in the world. After the soaring highs, however, came the crushing low: due to a viral infection, she had to stay in quarantine at the peak of her career instead of competing in the biggest races – a tragedy for the racing stable. Reinhard Hunger captured the tragically beautiful story of Danedream in an emotional photo that leaves a lasting impact on its viewers – possibly because it does not correspond to the typical heroic horse pose.


His name says it all. After two photo assistantships, a stay at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and a job as an art director, Reinhard Hunger, who is based in Hamburg, has been gradually focusing on food. Hunger’s view of the objects in his work is always surprising, often with a humorous twist, sometimes subversive. The fact that Hunger – in the truest sense of the term – always thinks outside the box means that his portfolio ranges from classic still life to food, beverages and reportage to portraits and interiors. Whether for advertising or editorial, he always has an appetite for new subject areas and works.