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Andrés Mañón Debra

The subject of Andrés Mañóns photography is the exploration of different identities of the LGBTTIQ+ spectrum that resist the rampid oppression of patriarchy and whose bodies have been denied. In a reality where gender non-conforming expression has been historically punished through oppressive regulations, it’s important to stay creatively routed to a politicised focus that amplifies the wide imagery of sexuality and celebrates all the possibilities of gender expression. The representation of people who are part of the LGBTTIQ+ community and the queer scene of Mexico City is the link to all the different characters embodied in his work.


Andrés Mañón is a Mexican photographer and make-up artist based in Mexico City. He studied photography in Escuela Activa de Fotografía in Mexico City and started as a self-taught make-up artist, both disciplines being complementary to one another when it comes to his work.